Scroll over and go to Settings, click on Time Zone, then click on Time and change to your area (time zone, coast, etc).

Follow the prompt when you turn on your box. It will give you step by step instructions on how to set up your box.

  • If you are using a hardwire connection, meaning your internet is being directly connected from your router to the StreamTV device (preferred method by the way) then disregard the below notes. However, if you are connecting via WIFI, follow the below steps.
  • Step 1 After you have connected the StreamTV device to your TV via the HDMI cable and powered up the unit, you will see menu tabs along the bottom of the screen. At this time, using the directional arrows on the remote, scroll on over to the right to Settings Click OK.
  • Step 2 Arrow down to Network and click OK. Then click on WI-FI
  • Step 3 The 3rd option down says WI-FI device and by default it is turned off. Click OK on it to turn it ON. At this point it will the scan for your Wi-Fi router.
  • Step 4 Select your WI-FI router name and put in your password. This can be done by using the virtual keyboard on the screen or using the keyboard on the back of your remote.
  • Step 5 Once you have put in the correct password it will say Connected Successfully. At this time hit the Return button or Home button on your remote to go back to the main screen. Last step is navigating over to the last tab that say Restart. Click OK and you’re finished


Make sure you use the box in the guidelines of how it was instructed to be used. We will keep your box updated and running perfectly so you will not have problems watching whatever content available.

We will keep your firmware updated. Your only worry is choosing which one of your favourite shows to watch first!

Internet Question

If Ethernet is available we highly recommend you run an Ethernet cable directly from your router to the StreamTV unit itself. This will provide you a faster and more reliable connection.

Reset your StreamTV box to check if it was a minor malfunction. If that does not work, restart your router and connect it to your box. If neither works, call customer support for assistance.

These are the instruments that will give you the internet connectivity you need to watch any content through StreamTV. Make sure whichever one you are using is turned on and connected to your box at all times. If neither is working properly, restart it and try again to do troubleshooting. If all else fails then call your internet service provider to get assistance.

Call your internet service provider and ask for plans that have more data for high-speed internet. This is important for a more satisfying experience while streaming or surfing the web. Also, for better range in rural areas, you can buy a broadband that is portable and can be used in areas with poor service. We are working on solutions for you and others to bridge the gap in the current structure of reliable internet service as a whole.


Each receiver works with one TV at a time but the unit is so small it can easily be moved into other rooms.

Yes, your StreamTV box does work with a hotspot. Try it next time you are camping. Just make sure you have an unlimited plan as the streams take up a lot of bandwidth.

Firstly, check to make sure the remote is populated with 2 x AAA batteries and that the Remote Control’s USB dongle is plugged into StreamTV Unit. The StreamTV Unit should be in direct line of sight to the remote control. If that does not work, call customer support for assistance if the remote was received damaged.

After you start a video, press the Subtitle button on your remote. This will activate English subtitles. If you hold the subtitle button down, you will then be able to access subtitle menu and download a subtitle file of your choosing. Simply click on the desired option and click OK.

Pressing the subtitle button for 3 seconds will display the subtitle menu. Select the ‘Offset’ button. This will allow you to match the audio and the subtitles whilst the program is playing.

  • STEP 1: Place your STREAM TV remote control face to face with your TV remote control (add image similar to the below).
  • STEP 2: Hold down the ‘TV’ button till the LED turns solid red
  • STEP 3: Select the button you wish to copy to your STREAM TV remote (Pwr, Input, Vol+ or Vol-)
  • STEP 4: Press the corresponding button on the TV remote. Your STREAM TV remote LED will rapidly blink to indicate the new function has been added.

You can access your Favorites by clicking on the Favorite button on your remote.